Weve User Types & Scenarios

Weve's visually rich calendar and powerful scheduling tools can handle a variety of scenarios for different types of users.
Work Teams

Stay in sync with your team throughout the day

Why has Paul been offline all afternoon? When is Jen's big meeting again? When is Siena from the design agency free to talk about concepts?

Weve can help you stay in sync and know what each other are up to.

  • Add teammates as 'VIPs' or 'Regulars' and share events to each other's calendars for awareness with just a tap. You won't have to create duplicate events or shared calendars to stay on the same page.
  • Email or Text from any event to let each other know you're running behind or to start a conversation about an event.
  • Instantly find mutual openings with ongoing partners or contractors outside your company as 'Regulars'
Business Outreach

More effectively schedule with customers and partners

Personalize and tailor scheduling workflows to maximize conversion.

  • Pin favorite scheduling links to reuse again and again.
  • Personalize the title, times, and details for the recipient and make adjustments based on the situation.
  • Share availability a variety of ways - use a template or select time ranges free-form, share as a web link or copy text ranges into an email or message.
  • Level the scheduling playing field: recipients can choose 1 or a few options for the organizer to select from and confirm, making the time picking process more equitable.
  • Recipients can download the app for free to make selections based on their schedules and remove conflicting time options (Weve syncs with all Gmail, G-Suite, Outlook, Exchange, iCloud, and more).
  • Avoid scheduling link abuse by sending a one-off link with a finite time horizon.

Experience a rich blend of form and function

While there are a few design-forward calendars out there, they often sacrifice usability for chic or stark looks. If you care about good design beyond aesthetics, you'll love how intuitive Weve is to navigate as well as the attention to detail as you move about the app.

  • A mobile calendar interface designed for one thumb interaction and the ability to zoom in and out of detail with gestures.
  • Your main controls view expands and contracts from below (mobile) or stays off to the side (desktop), always keeping your calendar accessible for context as you schedule.
  • The details have been sweated with things like sunrise/sunset to frame the day, weather forecasts for any location entered, and the ability take quick common actions like duplicate, move, or delete with minimal navigational steps.

Setup conferences and office hours that fit your school's calendar

Create custom availability sharing settings that fit your exact needs for students or parents to meet with you during the academic year.

  • Set up a template of time windows for office hours that ends when the academic calendar transitions and can adjust based on holidays, inservice, and other one-off scheduling needs.
  • Students and parents can use the same link to schedule multiple meetings with you.
  • Create multiple custom availability shares for different types of meetings with students or parents as the need arises (e.g. parent-teacher conferences, heavier office hours approaching an important due date).
Parents & Couples

Don't get yourself into trouble with your spouse

Who's getting the kids? When was that girls night? Can you cover pickup for me - I had this work thing come up...

When you're both juggling a full load of work, personal, kid, and social events, it's all too easy to drop balls. Double-booking. Forgotten commitments. Scrambling to get kids before daycare fines start kicking in. It feels like mayhem. In Weve - it doesn't have to be.

  • Keep each other on the same page by instantly sharing events for awareness as 'VIPs' with just a tap.
  • Your spouse is always a text away from any event to handle new schedule conflicts that come up.
  • Smart auto color coding helps you understand what events are your partner's, yours, or something you're doing together.
  • Coordinate with supporting nannies and grandparents as VIPs as well to ensure kid coverage.

Make get-togethers happen from any angle

How many times have we said, "We should totally get everyone together and do _______" and then it never happens. Weve's got the tools to coordinate gatherings large and small to reduce the friction and help make plans ACTUALLY happen.

  • Plan girls/guys nights, camping trips, or weekend getaways with 'Time Polls' that take everyone's availability into account ahead of time when you add friends as 'Regulars'.
  • When your late afternoon opens up, see who among your friends are free to meet-up spur of the moment with 'See Who's Free'.
  • Create an open event for your housewarming or big birthday bash that anyone can RSVP to with 'Web-Share Events'.
  • Finally, something to look forward to! Add your big vacation coming up to 'Countdowns' to anticipate the excitement and check-in on the destination's weather forecast right in the event itself.
  • Keep track of how long it's been since you've seen good friends so you can prioritize ones that are overdue for a hang-out with 'See Who's Overdue'.
Active Lifestyle

Find the time to get out and be active

When you've got a busy week, squeezing in time to be active can get squeezed out. Weve's got you covered with a variety of bells and whistles to make your outdoor endeavors easier to come by.

  • Instantly 'Find the Best Time' that works to meet-up with a group of 'Regulars' using a collective availability heat map - you can also create 'Time Polls' from this and also use with people not in the app.
  • Drop a pin location in an event to meet at a very specific place - like ‘that one park bench’...then get the forecast automatically for that exact location.
  • Get an intraday weather forecast right next to your events in the day view so you know to bring the right gear for the conditions.
  • Set a countdown Widget for the next big event that you're training for.
  • Share events for awareness with your partner as a 'VIP' to free you up for training sessions.
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